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Colleges & Universities

Urgent calls for increased campus safety dominate recent news cycles, reverberating across college and university campuses nationwide. Incidences of mass shootings, date rape and hazing-gone-wrong keep staff, students and parents on perpetual edge.  In response, Safe & Secure Protection has honed expertise to prevent, detect and deter campus-based crime to keep students safe.  


Parents expect colleges to keep their “children” safe from themselves, each other and menacing strangers in their midst.

Stranger danger (or external threats) is not the only cause for concern when ensuring student safety. Often complicating the obligation for colleges to protect students are the students themselves. While impulsivity, naivete and poor judgment abound, schools are not automatically absolved from liability when students’ immature actions place them (or their peers) in harm’s way. In fact, educational institutions are often held legally and financially responsible.


Campus crime statistics matter to your enrollment numbers and, therefore, your bottom line.

As a result of growing student safety concerns, Safe & Secure Protection is experiencing an increased demand to work with colleges and universities.  Our primary goal is to safeguard students from internal and external threats that target campus communities. From classrooms to dorm rooms to parking lots and libraries, Safe & Secure Protection implements security solutions to keep campus crime stats in check.  And because campus crime undermines quality of life for existing students—while deterring potential candidates of interest—we keep crime rates down, so you can keep enrollment up.

Safe & Secure Protection understands the nuanced nature of protecting teen and young adult students. As such, we provide specialized training to our security personnel to spot, handle and thwart campus activity involving:



  • Illegal drugs and underage drinking

  • Weapons, explosives and other dangerous hazards

  • Crowd control, protest and civil disturbances

  • Offenses against property, such as vandalism, theft and arson

  • Offenses against persons, such as robbery, assault and forcible sex crimes (including date rape and other acts of violence against women)

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