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Car Lots & Cargo Yards

If you own a car lot or are responsible for moving cargo through supply chains, you have your work cut out for you when protecting your property.  Likely, your high-dollar investments are in public view or pass through numerous logistical touch points with serious security vulnerabilities.  Either way, your valuable inventory can easily become targets for theft by bad actors looking for quick gains.


Car theft is big, organized business for highly motivated criminals.

The low-risk/high-reward prospect of stealing cars from lots, stripping them of profitable parts, and selling those parts on the black market is a professional car thief’s greatest ambition.  And the only way you can protect your property is to beat perpetrators at their own game with highly effective security measures.


If you think your low-cap cargo is safe from theft, think again!

Like car thieves, cargo criminals are getting more innovative and sophisticated.  Not only do they target high-value commodities, they also focus on soft targets, such as consumables like foods and beverages. Because soft targets are less likely to be traceable and have a shorter window of recovery, thieves are increasingly bold in pursuing lower-value cargo for lucrative black market channels.


Additionally, cargo companies must be vigilant in avoiding becoming unwitting participants in terroristic activity. As an international shipper or freight manager, protecting your facility and inventory from damage, theft and maleficence is a task best left to those specifically trained in cargo protection.  Safe & Secure Protection offers security solutions specific to open-area challenges facing car lot owners and cargo facility managers, including:


  • Using commanding presence during constant patrolling of entire site to deter all criminal activity

  • Monitoring suspicious behavior and unfamiliar people during and after work hours

  • Controlling entrance and exit areas including docks, fences and gates

  • Monitoring abnormal activity around trailers and containers

  • Responding to car and facility alarms and contacting local authority as necessary

  • Understanding of shipping, receiving, and trucking operations to ensure proper traffic flow

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