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Banks & Office Lobbies

The best deterrence to illegal activity at banks and business offices is the presence of a highly trained, ultra-observant and fully prepared, armed security officer in uniform. In this case, intimidation is the name of the game. That’s why Safe & Secure Protection is highly selective in our application process, only hiring the most competent, experienced and motivated candidates for the job.   


People look for security to put them at ease when conducting banking and business every day.

Providing protection to people and property at banks and business offices is one of our most commonly requested services. Both employees and customers have an expectation for safety as they conduct banking and business at regular occurrences.  When security is absent, they notice and they question.  


There’s simply no good excuse for exposing employees and customers to preventable safety threats when flexible and affordable security solutions exist.  Safe & Secure Protection has built its stellar reputation on just that: providing versatile contract guard services at competitive rates that limit your exposure to loss and liability.  Safe & Secure Protection helps  keep your clients safe by:


  • Deterring theft, fraud and other financial crimes with authoritative presence

  • Patrolling internal and external premises, including parking lots

  • Escorting customers and employees to desired property locations

  • Conducting onsite checks and audits of access points and areas of vulnerability

  • Responding to emergent events to detect threats, diffuse visitor/patron escalation, and restore order and security

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