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Major Event Security

Delivering an enjoyable experience to guests is your number one priority.  Ours is ensuring their safety and security in the process. Wherever large crowds gather, the potential for mass chaos, accidents and violence soars. And with every major security event failure, property owners, site managers and event planners are reminded of their solemn duty to keep patrons safe.


Pay for the exact amount of security needed for your event, and not a nickel more.

Because parades, sports arenas and concert halls have different security implications than car shows, health fairs and knitting conventions, Safe & Secure Protection offers responsive and adaptive services for almost any public or private event—with adjustable pricing commensurate to your needs.  With our extensive experience in providing service in basic to complex security environments, we are well prepared to assist you with:


  • Crime deterrence with high visibility

  • Crowd control management

  • Evacuation proceedings

  • Vehicular and pedestrian traffic

  • Loitering and soliciting violations

  • Property preservation and protection

  • Conflict de-escalation

  • Mobile patrol and detail

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