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Commercial Real Estate

If you are a commercial real estate owner who takes inadequate security precautions to protect your property, tenants and visitors, you are quite possibly inviting loss and liability on an irrecoverable scale.  

Maintaining safe properties increases the quality of your tenants and rental rates you can charge.
To attract and retain high-quality tenants in a competitive commercial real estate market, providing safe and secure premises is a top priority. Whether situational or site-specific, commercial properties face various levels of security threats on a daily basis. During operational hours, commercial properties see increased vehicle and foot traffic accessing the premises to conduct business with tenants. Keeping these visitors and tenants safe is an obligation you cannot take lightly.  And after business hours, protecting your property (and that of your tenants) from being targeted by criminals is an ongoing necessity that commands your attention and your commitment.  Safe & Secure Protection allows you to meet your obligation with the following security services:


  • Deterring theft, violence and other serious crimes

  • Patrolling external grounds and parking lots for suspicious activity

  • Responding to alarms to investigate possible security breaches

  • Monitoring entry, exit and delivery access points

  • Investigating and reporting abandoned vehicles and performing vacant property checks

  • Deterring vagrants, loiters, solicitors and potential criminals

  • Escorting patrons and visitors around property grounds

  • Providing friendly concierge services, such as answering questions and giving directions

  • Working with local law enforcement to stay abreast of concerning emergent events

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