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Entertainment Venues

Entertainment venues are increasingly turning to security providers to ensure visitor safety.  When attending a movie or nightclub puts guests in a gunman's line of fire, venue owners must reevaluate their current security strategies to identify weaknesses that could lead to deadly outcomes. 

Prevention of criminal activity at entertainment venues keeps guests safer than dormant security methods. 

Whether you are the owner of a theater, recreation & sports center, children's activity & party facility, or a location for weddings & special events, danger can lurk around any corner of your entertainment venue.  And though cameras and other security devices may identify and record potential threats, they simply cannot prevent them.  In your line of business, you need proactive measures to protect individuals and families, rather than remaining reactionary to dangerous threats targeting your guests.


Recent tragedies at movies and dance clubs have left indelible marks in the hearts and minds of many.  As we fight against such tragedies becoming the new normal, many venue owners are compelled to take meaningful action.  And for those who do, Safe & Secure Protection is here to help make a difference.  We work hand in hand with entertainment venue owners to protect visitors by: 


  • Providing armed & unarmed, uniformed & plainclothes security officers to deter criminal activity

  • Performing foot and mobile patrols for high visibility

  • Providing crowd control management and evacuation assistance

  • Assisting with patron screenings to prevent entry of weapons & prohibited items

  • Patroling parking lots and providing escort services

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