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"We're pleased with the level of service yourself and Safe & Secure Worldwide

has provided for us.  You and your team have tried your best to

accommodate any of our request in a timely manner."

~Stanley Okoro | Security Alliance Liaison


"I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed the presence of Safe & Secure and the Greensboro Police Department over the past few days.  Everyone was kind and professional and I felt extremely safe. 


I was impressed on how everyone worked together and truly covered over every inch of this property and more.  Besides a few small gatherings we only had one true issue onsite which was handled very quickly on Palmetto Friday night.  I truly know that this is because your men and women let everyone know they were here.

I met so many of your men and women and sadly do not know all of their names but if I did, I would tell you that Greensboro should be proud to have them here and on their side because I am. 

Stay Safe!"

Jeanne Bergeron, CAM | General Manager
Campus Evolution Villages Greensboro

"Our business owners and patrons were pleased and so am I! Safe & Secure Protection was able to reduce crime on our properties by 50%."

~Tammy Bridgeport | Property Manager

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