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As a retail property owner or manager, you’re probably aware that personal safety concerns directly affect customer shopping behavior.  Simply stated, people won’t shop where they don’t feel safe.  Therein lies your motivation and responsibility to protect shoppers from becoming victims of serious crime.  


Protecting your bottom line is another motivating factor when considering security options.  

Appropriate levels of security will prevent financial loss from not only shoplifters, but also employee theft and other shrinkage.  Often, the mere presence of an armed security officer will drastically deter retail theft and fraud. Prime example: a customer is far less likely to exchange price tags or commit return fraud in proximity to an alert, uniformed security guard.

Mall security officers detect and deter most crime with keen property surveillance and human observation.

For malls in particular, the right security solution will consider the many vulnerabilities of a large facility with multiple tenants and heavy shopping traffic, all under one roof with many access points. From the parking lot, to the food court, to obscurely located elevators and restrooms, you must consider every square foot of mall space when devising a comprehensive and well-coordinated security strategy.  Shopping mall security services include:


  • Using authoritative presence to deter fraud, shoplifting and employee theft 

  • Monitoring surroundings for anomalies, such as abandoned packages and suspiciously behaving people

  • Maintaining high visibility to deter violence and other serious crimes, including acts of terrorism

  • Providing internal and external, fixed station and mobile patrol across entire mall premises

  • Escorting customers and employees to parking lot 

  • Finding lost children and misplaced vehicles

  • Managing crowds, diffusing conflict and enforcing mall policies

  • Escorting employees with high-value items, such as cash and jewelry

  • Appropriately handling solicitors and loiters (such as tweens, teens and young adults)

Shopping Malls

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