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Churches & Hotels

Sacred and private spaces are havens for revival and relaxation.  So attending church ought not to be an anxiety-inducing event, while guesting at a hotel shouldn’t evoke feelings of fear and vulnerability.  As a hospitality host, these are minimal expectations you owe to your customers and congregants who place their safety and security in your hands.


Family-oriented venues, like churches and hotels, have seen a rise in gun violence—leaving murder and mayhem in the wake.

With deadly mass shootings recently occurring at worship centers and hotels, members and guests are increasingly concerned for their safety—and rightly so. Businesses and organizations like yours can no longer take visitor safety for granted. By employing highly trained and visibly intimidating security professionals, you’ll put potential perpetrators on guard and guests at ease.


Both churches and hotels require vigilant security measures to protect those they serve and property they own. We provide tailored security services to both entities, including:


  • Patrolling parking lots and building grounds to deter criminal activity

  • Monitoring entrances and exits to ensure guest safety and security

  • Deterring/removing loiterers, solicitors and trespassers

  • Observing and reporting property hazards and damage

  • Escorting guests and members around premises as requested

  • Examining doors, windows and gates to ensure proper function and security



Churches have a unique security dilemma during service hours: maintaining safety and security, while being open and welcoming to every approaching stranger.  Safe & Secure Protection understands the importance of striking the right balance between making your congregation feel comfortable and offensively handling threats to keep them safe.


Hotels also require special security considerations, mainly guest privacy.  Highly visible, yet discreet and professional, our qualified security personnel will respect the privacy of your guests, whether families, business travelers, or high-profile athletes and celebrities.

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