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Armored Car Escort

Protecting your cash and valuables in transit requires extensive pre-operational planning. There can be no distractions, diversions or impromptu decisions. You hire us to “see around the corners,” to ensure your property and possessions arrive intact.  And that’s exactly what we do. Safe & Secure Protection will transport your valuables with the utmost skill, care and integrity.  And we will proactively address any foreseeable challenges, while vigilantly planning for the ominous unknown.


Inactivity or monotony do not equal unpreparedness: Our security officers stay ready!

No matter how mundane an armored car security assignment may appear, our security officers remain in a constant state of readiness to respond swiftly and decisively to any threat presented. From loading, through transit, to unloading, you can rely on Safe & Secure Protection to spot threats and disruptions before they happen— or neutralize them as expeditiously as humanly possible.  


Being on the move adds layers of complexity to the best-laid security plans. Safe & Secure Protection understands how to manage  threats while traveling, and provides armed, uniformed and highly trained security professionals with keen ability to:



  • Use formidable presence to deter violence, robberies and other serious crime

  • Apply sound judgment and fast decision making in worst case scenarios

  • Use advanced training in firearms and tactical driving, when necessary

  • Handle valuables with integrity, according to employer protocol

  • Coordinate with travel and logistical teams for distant or extended trips

  • Stay aware of public safety when threats arise in static or transit conditions

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