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Contract Guard Services

Safe & Secure Protection has amassed a wealth of experience in providing contract guard services across a broad range of industries.  Our highly trained, armed and unarmed, uninformed and plainclothes officers fill critical and ongoing security assignments that place them at the front line of defense for your protection.


Only the most qualified security officers make it through our stringent hiring process.

We employ a rigorous screening and selection process to hire the best and brightest officers in the field, including conducting exhaustive background checks. Our security guards are assessed to be mentally and physically prepared for worst-case scenarios at any given time, in any set of circumstances. With impressive backgrounds and achievements in the military and law enforcement, each security officer brings valuable knowledge of best practices in security-related services. Our intensive and ongoing training keeps officers abreast of emerging criminal concepts and tactics, along with innovative technologies to keep them and those they serve out of harm's way.  Safe & Secure Protection officers have years—and in many cases, decades—of experience providing comprehensive protection solutions. Our security officers have a fortifying combination of the following attributes:

  • Certified, licensed and insured 

  • Clearance through intensive background investigation & suitability assessments

  • Expert training in the use of firearms and other defense mechanisms

  • Ongoing training in pertinent issues, such as legal and public service matters

  • Commendable background in law enforcement, military or security-related professions

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