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Like our disaster response services, Safe & Secure Protection can provide astutely trained security professionals to initiate or assist with search and rescue missions—with the ultimate goal of preserving lives from loss and danger.  We can deploy teams of security officers to locate survivors after catastrophic events, such as tornados, earthquakes and the like.  We can assist with locating victims in urban search and rescue missions, such as survivors trapped beneath structural collapses.  Or, we can supply groups of security officers to search for lost children, as well as elderly or mentally disabled individuals.  Whatever the case, our security officers can play a vital role in locating missing people who are in dire distress or imminent danger.  


Teams of trained officers stand ready to be deployed and assist private clients and local authorities in the restoration and safeguarding of persons and properties worldwide. 

More specifically, our officers can assist local authorities with planning and executing coordinated efforts to recover, stabilize and return individuals to safety, regardless of the location and terrain.  They can be placed in strategic positions to provide optimum support to leading search and rescue teams conducting critical missions in challenging environments, such as airways, waterways, mountainous and wilderness zones.  We can also safeguard property and secure restricted danger zones during catastrophic events. 


With broad knowledge of search and rescue operations, mental and physical preparedness, and tracking and navigation skills, our security officers can be a reliable resource to any search and rescue mission.  Safe and Secure Protection can help save lives of those lost by:



  • Providing leadership or support in search and rescue missions for individuals missing due to disasters, accidents, mental or medical impairment or criminal activity.

  • Supporting efforts of search and rescue experts, such as logistical specialists, hazardous materials authorities, structural experts, military and national guard, air/sea patrol and SAR officials

  • Creating cooperative environment, while assisting with planning, organizing, supervising, and debriefing searchers

  • Managing missing persons awareness events, including information dissemination

  • Assisting with crowd control in urban search and rescue missions
  • Coordinating with local law enforcement, fire department and emergency medical services

Search & Rescue

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