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Disaster Response

Weather disasters, fires, bombings, and other sudden, unexpected situations can create emergencies that cause serious personal injury and property damage. Hurricanes Irma, Maria and Jose, California wildfires, and the Las Vegas mass shooting represent recent disasters that culminated in unprecedented casualties and property destruction. In such disastrous incidents, Safe & Secure Protection's primary goal is to preserve life and property, regardless of the type of catastrophic event.


An emergency situation can arise at any time, creating danger and uncertainty in many forms.

For most people, experiencing devastation from disaster elicits altruism, kindness and courage. Time and time again,

when disaster strikes, we see neighbor helping neighbor and stranger helping stranger, revealing the best of humanity.  There are, however, unfortunate incidents where some disaster survivors are far less benevolent.  Driven by malice, greed or other deviant behavior, some show blatant disregard for people and their property, choosing to loot, rob and worse.  In these instances, having a strong security presence can make all the difference for vulnerable and exposed people and property.  Safe & Secure Protection provides immediate response in areas devastated by natural and man-made disasters with security personnel that is highly trained to:



  • Restore order and calm amongst frantic people in survival mode

  • Remain ethical, responsive and professional at all times, while deterring looting,  fraud and violence

  • Report findings of weapons, explosive devices, suspicious packages and other potential hazards

  • Check for unsafe conditions & security violations, while preventing unlawful entry into restricted areas

  • Assist with crowd control management, evacuation processes and distribution of resources

  • Work in tandem with local law enforcement, fire departments and emergency response teams 

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