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Residential Communities

Residential communities face continuous security concerns that threaten members’ safety, including crimes like robbery, burglary and physical violence. Though some neighborhoods are more susceptible than others, none are exempt from determined perpetrators bent on committing crimes against unsuspecting residents.


Neighborhood crime can threaten your physical and your financial health.

Having a safe and secure community favorably impacts not only your enjoyment and peace of mind, but potentially area property values and rental rates.  As such, some real estate sites now report crime statistics to help home buyers and renters make informed decisions.  Suffice it to say, safer communities can command significantly higher prices in both sales and rental markets.


Thus, the need to feel secure in your own home is compelling, and choosing the most effective solution to deliver security services is vital. With over 11 years of experience serving residential communities, we know how to keep neighborhoods and families safe.  And here's how we do it:


  • Patrol premises and parking lots to deter theft, violence and other serious crimes

  • Man fixed security stations at residential entries/exits

  • Conduct vacant property checks and report abandoned vehicles

  • Check car decals and monitor visitor logs for multi-unit buildings and gated communities

  • Provide doorman and concierge services in residential buildings, including monitoring guest traffic, accepting packages and enforcing conduct codes

  • Maintain peace and order, particularly during special events and celebrations

  • Collaborate with HOAs and neighborhood watch groups on security-related matters

  • Monitor suspicious activity of strangers and minors, in particular

  • Contact police or emergency medical services in high-risk situations

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