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Protection Services

When your personal safety is at risk, all else fades in comparison.  And when everyday events can turn dangerous on a dime, staying safe is the ultimate end game.  Whether wealth, celebrity or employment status makes you a target for nefarious actors, having experienced, reliable and competent protection greatly minimizes risk to your safety and well-being.  


Public exposure can be a perilous prospect, especially while traveling.  

Safe & Secure Protection provides contract guard services to esteemed clientele domestically and abroad. In short, we go where you go. And we take every conceivable precaution to ensure your safety and to protect your possessions, regardless of your location.  When it comes to safeguarding our clients, we strive to seamlessly integrate preventative security measures in their daily lives, while protecting their privacy in the process.


Whether you are a renowned performer, celebrated artist, professional athlete, corporate CEO, government official, foreign dignitary or other VIP, our protection services can help you by:


  • Deploying certified, licensed and insured security professionals

  • Providing unobtrusive security that protects clients, their privacy and their property

  • Providing skillfully trained and armed security professionals, sensitive to the needs of high-end clients

  • Distinguishing threatening body language and menacing fan fixations or stalking behavior

  • Devising contingency and quick-escape plans to mitigate threats

  • Designing intervention strategies to deter violence, kidnapping and other serious crimes

  • Anticipating travel risk hazards, stateside and abroad

  • Providing large-crowd event security and protection

  • Providing mobile detail security

  • Coordinating with law enforcement and other security professionals

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