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Government Buildings

When you are responsible for the safety and security of a government building, employees and visiting civilians, your challenge is a formidable one indeed. Whether at the federal, state or local realm, government facilities present a specific set of challenges in establishing advanced-level security solutions for critical infrastructure protection.


Violent crimes on government property have resulted in many casualties and seriously injured victims.

Based on the nature of business conducted, government buildings can be prime targets for attack, requiring layers of specialized security measures for life and property protection. Violent incidents involving disgruntled government employees, despondent spouses in family court, rejected social security disability applicants, and enraged tax owers battling the IRS, have all presented very real dangers to innocent people in the line of fire on government property.  Additionally, a growing socio-political climate of anti-government sentiment and terroristic tensions heighten the need for specially trained security forces with expert understanding the government market.


Security officers can be the first-line of defense in detecting the intentions and actions of a potential assailant.

Safe & Secure Protection is the expert you seek to effectively address your security-related issues. With many years of experience providing services to government clients—including courthouses, airports, correctional facilities and utility sites—we have gained authoritative knowledge in integrating security initiatives that encompass diverse agency needs.  Our security officers employ actionable security intelligence when assisting with:


  • Identifying and deterring all forms of illegal and disruptive activity

  • Using entry security technology and equipment

  • Providing vulnerability assessments and risk-reduction recommendations

  • Meeting compliance regulations pertaining government security policy and procedures

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