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Shopping Center Plazas

Much like malls, shopping center plazas (or strip malls) require site-specific protocol when implementing security services. Whereas much of mall crime takes place indoors, individual stores, restaurants and businesses in shopping center plazas often see more outdoor criminal activity—thus, requiring a different security emphasis.  


Parking lots pose the biggest threat to customer safety at shopping center plazas.

Although stores in shopping center plazas usually have one main entrance, there are other areas of security weakness you must consider, including loading zones, corridors, and side and rear entrances.  However, shopping center plaza parking lots are most susceptible to criminal activity.  As such, maintaining high-security visibility across the external premises should be an important component of your overall security strategy.


As a firm opponent to one-size-fits-all security solutions, Safe & Secure Protection understands important distinctions in properly protecting busy shopping center plazas, along with the employees, patrons and vendors who frequent them.  Our customized approach focuses on:



  • Performing foot and mobile patrol to deter violence, theft, vandalism and other criminal activity

  • Providing uniformed and plainclothes patrol for loss prevention

  • Checking doors and locks in the front and back of buildings

  • Deterring vagrants, loiterers and solicitors

  • Dispersing unauthorized gatherings, with a particularly skilled approach for teens

  • Assisting with crowd control management and on-premises traffic flow

  • Monitoring property for suspicious packages and reporting abandoned vehicles

  • Finding lost children and misplaced vehicles

  • Escorting customers and employees as requested

  • Providing armed security for transporting cash and jewels

  • Responding to alarms and contacting emergency services as needed

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