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Safe & Secure Worldwide Protection Group, Inc. (Safe & Secure Protection) is the one-stop source

for all of your security-related concerns. Our approach to ensuring your safety includes

pre-planning and re-planning, along with thorough checks and balances, which ensure

a safe and secure experience at a cost that is considerate of your budget.

Founded in 2011, Safe & Secure Protection was created to combat disturbing crime rates impacting individuals and businesses nationwide. With the vision to become a premier provider of private security services, Chief Lance Jones, Sr. set out to build a client-centered business that exemplified skill, professionalism and integrity. Since its inception, Safe & Secure Protection has consistently fulfilled its goals for service and expansion. It continues to make strides in serving numerous industries by offering comprehensive contract guard services for basic to complex missions, all at affordable rates that can accommodate most budgets. And by making the well-being of each client a top priority, Safe & Secure Protection has earned an exceptional reputation that drives us to reach new heights with each project undertaken.

Safe & Secure Protection is licensed in the state of North Carolina by the Private Protective Services Board for security guard & patrol, armored car and courier professions. The state of South Carolina, Law Enforcement Division, has issued Safe & Secure Protection a license in the business of contract security. We are also licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Criminal Justice Services, as a private security service business. For more information on our credentials, please ask for our Capability Statement.

Chief Lance Jones, Sr.

The Man


Shaped by a family legacy of public service and law enforcement, Chief Lance Jones. Sr.

has spent a life-long career pioneering, executing and advocating

in roles that foster safe and secure communities.

As a highly accomplished leader and practitioner in the security industry, Chief Jones has served in commercial, non-profit and government entities—including state prison systems—with competence, honor and distinction. Now, in an entrepreneurial capacity, Chief Jones directs a highly skilled security force that serves projects spanning the East Coast and beyond.  As a respected authority, mentor and pillar of the community, Chief Jones is a passionate proponent of helping businesses and individuals thrive. He currently serves as Chapter President of the S. B. Fuller & Joe L. Dudley Mastermind Business Group, which focuses on capitalism and entrepreneurship education.  Chief Jones is also a current member of the Over Seas Advisory Council (OSAC) and the Gate City Chapter President of North State Law Enforcement Officers Association.

Earlier in his career, Chief Jones worked for the US Department of Justice in New York and as a New Jersey State Park Ranger. He later moved south to work for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, completing multiple federal and state training academies throughout his tenure in public service. Also during this time, Chief Jones served as an instructor in the use of firearms, ASP Tactical Batons, O.C. Pepper and other less lethal forms of defense.  


With over 35 years of experience in public service, criminal justice and security industries, Chief Jones has built a solid foundation for the success he enjoys today as a highly regarded private security expert, influential leader and upstanding employer.


The Mission


To provide effective, affordable and ethical private security services 

that exceed our clients' expectations for safety and security.


We work daily to ensure those we serve are indeed safe and secure by providing certified, licensed and insured security personnel that puts your interests above all else. Our industry-specific knowledge affords us an understanding of your risks and our expertise in private security solutions equips us to mitigate them.  We are committed to ensuring your safety and security with a level of service that gives you peace of mind to live your life and freedom to grow your business.


The Motivation

To protect the good guys from the bad ones.  


When people are committed to working hard, taking calculated risks, maximizing their talents and playing by the rules, they deserve to win. And no one should impede their success—especially not a criminal who preys on those who sacrifice to succeed.  Dedicated to making a difference, Chief Jones has always stretched to build safer communities for the productive masses, while reaching back to help and inspire—yet hold accountable—those who deviate from the path to progress.  

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