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Construction Sites & Warehouses

Protecting people comes first. But safeguarding property is a solid second.  When high-value equipment and merchandise are at stake, proactive property and asset protection are essential.


At construction, industrial and warehouse sites, good security costs.  But poor security can cost a whole lot more.

As a business owner or manager, you’re well aware that preventing damage, theft and abuse of property directly impacts your bottom line. In fact, maintaining safe and secure grounds could mean the difference between realizing projected profits or sustaining substantial losses.   

Safe & Secure Protection will develop an integrated approach to protect structures, heavy equipment, machinery, tools and inventory. Whether you require maximum manpower to protect a vast corporate construction site or a team of two for weekend warehouse watch, we can tailor a security plan to cover your needs precisely.  Our security services for construction sites and warehouses focus on the following:


  • Monitoring after-hours access to premises, including gates, docks and loading zones

  • Performing internal and external patrols to deter violence, theft and vandalism

  • Identifying and reporting hazards that lead to physical injury or property damage

  • Controlling access to potentially dangerous & restricted areas

  • Monitoring and reporting suspicious inventory and merchandise movement for loss prevention

  • Responding to alarms and reporting high-risk activity to law enforcement or fire department

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